Can I sign up in person on the days before the event?

Check the rules here.

Where and when can I collect my number?

Check the rules here.

Which documents do I need to collect my number?

Check the rules here.

Can I present my licence from other sports?

Unfortunately not, because the federations themselves have reached an agreement that only licences for the sport in question are valid for competitions.

What does the Marxa Beret count towards? And how?

Check the rules here.

Can I take part in the Sprint Salomon?

Check the rules here.

What type of transport is there to the start?

Link to Alsa coaches.

Where can I wax up?

There will be a waxing station at the Welcome Village.

What kind of wax should be put on?

See the information panel at the Welcome Village on Saturday, 4 February.

Where I can leave my clothes?

At the start, there is a service that picks up your clothes and drops them off at the finish line.

When and where is the start?

Check the rules here.

Can you do skate steps?

No, only step turns to change direction.

Are there control points?

Yes, there are technical control points along the course that can disqualify skiers taking steps against the rules (skating).

Are there crossover controls?

Yes, at all the crossovers there are control points that mark out the route.

How many feeding stations are there?

Three, plus one at the finish line.

How many trails are there?

At least 14 trails at the start, with as many trails kept groomed throughout the race as required to help overtake slower skiers.

What will the weather be like?

Link to Baqueira..

What are the snow conditions like?

The first half of the course is in a shaded area (more compact snow) and the second half is sunnier (warmer and moister snow). A snow forecast will be uploaded to the Marxa Beret website one week before the event.

Does the course go down to Montgarri?

That will depend on weather and snow conditions.

What is the overall elevation difference?

Check the rules here..

How long do I have to finish the Marxa?

We will start closing trails at 2.00 pm.