calendarioRules of the 41th Marxa Beret




The 41th Marxa Beret is a popular cross-country event included in the FIS long-distance calendar and in the Spanish Cross Country Skiing Championship. It will be held in Pla de Beret on Sunday, 2 February 2020 over the 42, 21 and 10 km trails designed by the organising committee.

Only the classic technique is allowed. The organisers will set up control points to observe the entire course and disqualify any skier taking skating steps.

Men and women born in 2002 and earlier may take part in the two long-distance events. The 10 km race is considered freestyle and is therefore open to everyone. The organisers may refuse to register anyone failing to meet the requirements mentioned above.

Among the different sporting events being held alongside the Marxa Beret, on Saturday, 1nd February there will be a Classic Style race known as the Salomon Sprint and in this edition is part of Spanish Sprint Championship, in Pla de Beret , setting off at 10.00 am. Prizes will be handed out on the Saturday evening at 7.00 pm at the Welcome House (Centre Polivalent de Vielha), before the presentation of the 41th Marxa Beret.


The three races (42-21-10 km) will start simultaneously in Pla de Beret at 10 am on Sunday, 2 February.

There will be a pole position grid for skiers with less than 150 points in the 2018/2019 FIS list who are taking part in the 42 km race, as well as for the top ten (men) and top five (women) ranked skiers over 42 km at the 2018 or 2019 editions of the Marxa Beret.


All skiers must have accident insurance covering participation in this event. Only skiing licences and member cards from a winter sports federation will be accepted. For entrants without this, the organising committee will provide insurance for the event, which shall be taken out at the time of registration. The organising committee is not liable for any injuries which the skier causes or may cause to third parties.


By paying the registration fee, the skier certifies that:

1) He/she has their own accident insurance. If not, they shall take out the insurance provided by the organising committee valid for the day of the race.

2) Their physical condition allows them to take part in CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING, and that they do not have any medical condition which may prevent or hinder their participation in this sport over the chosen distance.

3) To give consent for the organisers to use the images taken during the race to promote the event and future editions.

The organising committee reserves the right to change the route, postpone or cancel the race, or modify the rules on grounds of safety or inclement weather conditions.


For this edition of the Marxa Beret, it is only possible to sign up online on the dates indicated, or in person at the Centre Polivalent de Vielha (Welcome Village) on the day before the race, where entrants shall also submit the relevant documentation and pick up their number and gift pack. Entries. Entrants may sign up online on the Marxa website ( between Wednesday, 15 November 2019 and Thursday, 30 January 2020. Entries this year shall be limited to 1200 SKIERS.

To sign up, entrants must fill out all the sections on the application form and pay the fee by credit card. Once complete, the entry shall be validated and the entrant shall receive a confirmation email, where they can check their details in the “List of entrants” section of the website.

Members of clubs, with a national skiing licence or FIS code, shall also have to sign up via the entries platform on the Marxa Beret website.

Please note! For any problems with the sign-up process, entrants should send an email via the “Contact” section on the website. Any entry not fully validated by 30 January 2020, the cut-off date for online registration, shall be rendered null and void. Likewise, any entries which include errors, which have not paid the registration fee or which fail to be accompanied by a federation membership card upon collecting the number shall be rendered null and void. In these cases, entrants shall have to sign up in person with the price increase which this entails.

Collection of numbers.  Numbers shall be collected at the WELCOME HOUSE (Centre Polivalent de Vielha). To do so, entrants must show their ID card and licence or federation membership card at the following times:

Saturday, 1 February 2020 from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.


The registration fee is the same for the 3 distances, but there are variations if entrants sign up online, if they are a member of a winter sports federation and also according to their age.

Characteristic Internet Internet In person  
From 15/11/2019 to 14/1/2020 From 15/1/2020 to 30/1/2020
Not federated (+ insurance) 25 €+(5€) 30 €+(5€) 35 €+(5€)
Federated 25 € 30 € 35 €
Disabled person  Free Free Free
Under 7 years
 Over 70 years Free 15 €+(5€) 35 €+(5€)


Registration includes: number, commemorative badge, Marxa Beret souvenirs, lockers, feeding stations, personalised diploma and publication of the final results on the website.

Should the event be cancelled, the amount paid shall be refunded minus 40% for administrative expenses.


Final classification 42 Km. (men and women) Final classification 21 and 10 Km. (men and women) Sprint Salomon classification (men and women)
1º 500 € + Gift basket + Trophy 1º Gift basket + Trophy 1º  Trophy
2º 250 € + Gift basket + Trophy 2º Gift basket + Trophy 2º Trophy
3º 125 € + Gift basket + Trophy 3º Gift basket + Trophy 3º Trophy
4º Trophy 4º Trophy  
5º Trophy 5º Trophy  


Special Trophies   Adapted sport Trophy                          Trophy reserved for the first racer with physical disability “Fundació La Caixa”
Ricard Vidal Rovira Trophy For the oldest racer.
Olympic Spirit Price For the club with most participants
First place Aranes Trophy for the first Aranes male and female racers.